Tour Program

Tour for The Beauty of Jeju Island

On the last day of the conference, we organize a tour starting at 8:40 am in Jeju. Please join the tour to look around the nature of Jeju with us. We will enjoy a beautiful scenery while trekking Songaksan Mountain for about 40 minutes and say hi to dolphin families on a descent boat along the west coast of Jeju. Then, we will have lunch at a seafood restaurant and have teatime at the famous tea museum. The tour team plans to go to the Jeju airport directly, so you do not need to arrange a transportation going to the Jeju airport. Please note that the tour bus does not go back to the hotel but Jeju airport.

1. Songaksan Mountain Trekking

[Source: Jeju Tourism Organization,]

Songaksan Mountain is also called 99 peaks because it has 99 small peaks. It is a volcanic topography of a double crater formed by two volcanic eruptions. You can walk through the first and second craters along the several trails leading to the top, and to the south of the mountain, you can see a flat meadow topography and a coastal cliff perpendicular to the sea. The gentle trail is easy for you to walk, and you can see Gapado Island, Marado Island, and Hyeongjeseom Island from the top with an uninterrupted view.

2. Jeju Wild Dolphin Watching

The “Jeju Wild Dolphin Watching” program takes us to where the wild dolphins are most likely to appear. We will explore wild dolphins on the sea with our native captain who knows Jeju sea well. Then, we will meet the wild dolphins swimming across the seas of Jeju. The exploration will last about an hour. It will be an exciting experience in Jeju for you.