Message from the new Editor-in-Chief

It is an honor and privilege for us to be selected for the role of editors of the Asia Marketing Journal – a journal that has gained a reputation for representing research on marketing in Asia and which we hope will become the leading publication on insights, thoughts and research on the key marketing academic and managerial issues in Asia. In our role, we plan to carry on magnificent work already been achieved by previous editors. Our first role as co-editors is to thank specifically Professor Jaihak Chung, Sogang University, for his significant contributions to the journal. He has raised the profile of the journal, increased the number of quality international submissions and acceptances and put us in a good place to meet the next challenge for the journal; to get it further recognized. With this in mind our key objective is to get SCOPUS recognition and to put the journal on the path for eventual SSCI accreditation. We believe the journal is well placed to achieve these aims. We also wish to thank the enduring and proactive support of our sponsoring association, The Korean Marketing Association (KMA).

We have long been interested in and conducting research on Asian marketing issues. We have noted that there are marketing themes and challenges that are unique to the Asian environment which have often only been dealt with superficially in much of the academic research. Similarly there are growing questions as to whether lessons from research conducted outside Asia are either relevant or can be adapted to the Asian context. With the growing prominence of Asian economies, diaspora, and Asian academic communities, the interest in Asian marketing practices, behaviors and research will only grow, not only for audiences in Asia, but beyond. We know academics, managers and more general readers are seeking more insightful and detailed knowledge of the Asian marketing environment, and as such we believe the focus of the Asia Marketing Journal is well placed to fulfill these needs.

As editors in chief, our first role is to broaden the editorial board to include more international academics and to proactively expand the range and quality of submissions to the Journal. Full research papers and research notes which are developed from or focused on the Asian marketing context are encouraged. We do not restrict ourselves to one area of marketing, so research on consumer behavior, modelling, managerial or strategy issues are strongly encouraged. Please also watch for special issues from time to time. We promise timely and constructive feedback on any submission.

As readers and authors of the Asia Marketing Journal, we encourage you to become actively involved in the journal. Feel free to contact us or any of the editorial board members with comments and suggestions on how we can make the journal a better publication to meet your needs.

The Executive Editor-in-Chief,
Sungho Lee, University of Seoul
Co-Editor, Jin Kyung Han, Singapore Management University
Co-Editor, Sam (Sungwook) Min, California State University Long Beach